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Re: Adrenaline-based training?

Thanks for the idea, but I have done aikido and also wrestled for many years, and I've found that even competition doesn't bring out the sort of adrenaline response I'm talking about. Maybe full-out MMA matches would, but I'm not a fan of getting my head pummeled.

I'm looking for something outside the traditional martial arts box. I wish I remembered the details of the original discussion that I saw here years ago.

EDIT: I'm talking about the sort of physical response you get when someone pulls a knife or a gun on you, or when you're alone at home and hear someone breaking in. Or -- totally different yet somehow similar -- when you're told you're likely to be fired from a job you badly need. I've had a very few situations of either sort, and lost my ability to reason, and done dumb things as a result.

I've never felt that debilitating sort of fear on the mat, not even close -- the training didn't carry over.

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