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Tadhg Bird wrote:
On a related note, doesn't it just bug you when someone refuses to take ukemi? Usually complaining about some health issue such as bad knees, so you do the technique up to the point where they would roll then stop? Ofcourse, they are usually more than happy to roll you when its thier turn, right?
I have been one of those "someones" and I assure you it is NOT fun to be in the position of asking partners to limit their training in order to accommodate mine.

I have always offered to work with them the same way-- that is, that I would just take them to the point of taking balance--since to me this is 99% of the technique anyway. A few folks would practice that way bur most WANTED me to throw them.

Maybe you have the misfortune to train with meanspirited people who look for excuses not to take ukemi. My experience is certainly different in that I find most of my training partners, during the periods I was training with disablility, were most gracious.

To answer the question, though, I think that one has to be able to take the role of uke in SOME form in order to learn aikido, and that it is beneficial to take the best/most authentic ukemi in terms of attack, connection and recieving technique, that one can based on physical condition.
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