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Re: "Irimi" by Ellis Amdur

Yes, interesting article, thanks for posting it. I wish he had published the result of his researches tho.

WRT the unbendable arm: That was introduced to me not as some mighty secret that the high-level practitioners knew, but just as something that you could teach a noob in about five minutes. The point was not how hard ki was to use, but how a different mental focus created a totally different physical result.

Although (obligatory IS reference coming up) somebody asked me to show it to them recently and I was shocked at how totally different doing it feels now...

Niall: if you're arguing with Ellis I should stay the hell out of the way, but I was surprised by your "straight line entry to the flank" in (2). I'd think moving straight to the flank would signal your intention in great big letters and your attacker would just follow you. I've been taught to move in on line, avoiding the strike at the last minute with tenkan.

And I don't think you're waiting for the strike to start in (3). We spent some time recently practicing how to respond to the intent to strike, before any movement actually starts. That's what I read into Ellis' post.
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