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Re: Rethinking the meaning of various phrases in light of "aiki"

I wonder what exactly a non IS interpretation of 'harmonization of heaven,earth,man' is.
On this side of it, I think..that it can only be interpreted/pointing to as the mystical experience of the unity of all, itself. And this too ruffles the feathers of those who subscribe to it. That there is another way.. To see, understand, and use it. Not for either something vaguely spiritual, or something pointedly experiential.

I think this was a way of forcing a dual-meaning (/punning) to IS experiences & Ueshibas neo Shinto animism. All is one ( monism) (macro is micro, the whole in the one, yada yada) , in this mindset, although i disagree in the extreme that the one is the other. Two separate things, and a choice to draw this equality.

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