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Re: Rethinking the meaning of various phrases in light of "aiki"

Hugh Beyer wrote: View Post
If you'd asked me before we started this journey, I would have said yes, of course we do. Be centered, move from center, neutralize the attack, yada yada. I've heard people say the words every since I first started Aikido.

But now we practice exactly this. Now we practice exactly this. Harmonize aiki in yourself first. Do it. It's work. Okay. Here's the attack. Meet it. No, don't fight it. No, don't run away. Own it.

Like that.

There's a scene in the Patsy Kline movie where she leans back after bumping uglies with a guy who's not yet her husband and says, "I was starving to death and I didn't even know it."

Okay, icky analogy, but...
I posted this somewhere else, but...

I was training with Sam Chin and he came up and said "You don't know where your center is, don't Aikido people talk a lot about the center?". I replied "Yes, they talk a lot about the center.".

A lot of people are buzz word compliant, but the number of people who can actually do what they're talking about is disappointingly small.



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