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Re: Rethinking the meaning of various phrases in light of "aiki"

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Hi Hugh -

Pardon my lack of understanding here, but are you saying that you haven't always practiced "exactly this" in your study of Aikido?


Pardon my lack of understanding here, but are you saying that you have...and that you believe it has had measurable results in the way you move? The things we are talking about make very definable and palpable changes to your body and the way you feel and interact. If you understand these things. You will stand out instantly. It is definable and that is why it is best for most here to either get up to speed and start learning IP/aiki or seriously consider altering their teaching engagements in public anymore. It's already happening when people touch hands.

In the midst of never ending attacks and me trying to be nice, the bottom line is so far, very few in Aikido get these things at all...and when it is pointed out all they do is get ticked off about it.
Everyone doesn't know everything automatically do they?
The ASU seems to be spear heading it with so many going for it, but there are others from the ki society as as Birankai and Aikikai chasing it. One of Doshu's close friends made an anouncement that he suspending teachng aikido until further notice because he found aiki. He, like Ikeda is hell bent on getting it.
This..understanding...for many people is nothing more than empty words. Here we had seventy years of teaching, books, articles, hundreds of thousands of words on line and in person and when they meet someone who actually DOES understand these things it fail fail.
Over and over and over.

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