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Re: Rethinking the meaning of various phrases in light of "aiki"

Heaven/ earth/ man
Heaven/ earth/ man is not a stance (as in the thread by the same name) it is a method to train the body, that very much does what most of those in aikido are shooting for.
Which in turn, is why Ueshiba talked about it so much. It changes the bodies quality and connection. For many, lets just say that many senior people avoid power because quite frankly they are truly clueless in how to absorb it. Dealing with force-for most people anyway-is either fight back or avoid, mostly by blocking and moving out of the way. There are many examples I could put up of members here doing just that. I no longer deal with videos because contrary to all the discussions, the simple truth of the matter is that people want to "believe" that what they are doing is good despite all evidence to the contrary. Avoiding contact with better educated people in aikido is for the them the best way to go as once touched...there is no where or not way to hide your lack.

Looking back at phrases and looking back at teachers
Ever notice how many aikido-ka twirl and move and lumber about with their arms down? The reason is they don't know how to engage without their shoulders and local muscle doing the work. Now that people are getting more educated, they have picked up on so many teachers and posters here either being a little bundle of muscle or a wet noodle evading....both of which express a profound lack of understanding aikido.
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