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Re: The Founder's Teaching Ability

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That's true, Ueshiba used to introduce himself by saying "I am Ueshiba" (in Japanese) - no honorifics. The same when signing a letter or similar document - no honorifics.


It used to be funny at the dawing of the internet, how many would sign their post with sensei _____, not even knowing enough to write; _________ sensei, and they did it at the bottom of every post. The funny ones were seeing that at the bottom of a post about acting more Japanese!!
You still see guys -sometimes even accomplished guys- sign their post with things like; Kancho, bacho, pichu, bichu,...sensei
To me this pomp is sort of like promising me something by telling me, I swear on my mothers life!! To which I say. "Why, if your word isn't good enough, why drag your Mom into this?

Many people in budo really don't have the skills to stand on their own two feet so they really need a back-up stamp from an organization. And they know it. Others are completely able. Representing can be a tough thing, fraught with many chances to muck it all up. I feel for those people and while I sometmes laugh I respect the effort.
Hi I am, Bill or Tom sure is a better opener though.
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