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Re: Rethinking the meaning of various phrases in light of "aiki"

My current understanding is "absolute non-resistance" means exactly what it says. Not avoiding, not holding, not bracing, not pushing, just plain not resisting. We don't resist gravity. We don't push against the ground. We don't brace our bodies. And yet every day almost all of us can stand with no effort. Someone comes and pushes on us and nothing changes. Your only limit is yourself which brings us to "Masakatsu Agatsu Katsu hayabi."

On the other hand there is a story about Shirata's days teaching with the Budo Senyokai. After he had pinned two challengers who had requested a match he reportedly said, "How's that? Can you resist? This is what I call the world of nonresistance."

Seems he was a funny guy.

What do you guys think Ueshiba called it? 争わぬ arasowanu? 無抵抗 muteikou?

-Doug Walker
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