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Re: shiho nage

Cliff Judge wrote: View Post
I am still not 100% on what the four directions are. Three make sense, but when i try to figure out where the fourth one is I feel like I am just BSing my way through the technique.
I have heard/seen a few descriptions but the one that has stayed with me:
Easier to do if performed as a cooperative exercise w/ nage holding a bokken. Uke does a yokomen attack.
First cut is shomen cut to uke's wrist - uke allows himself to stay connected at that point and move with nage
Second cut is lateral across uke's belly (for purpose of exercise, bokken blade and uke's wrist stay in contact)
Third cut as one passes steps through is bokken turning blade up to cut at uke's arm or at another opponent
Turn and strike shomen again = throw

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