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Re: Shuhari

So as far as I am concerned Aikido should bring about harmony and peace so that is what should be transmitted. Therefore I say the principles of Aikido can be known and used and thus by so doing will bring such about.
To me Harmony and Peace are concepts, not principles. As concepts they are also ENDSTATES of aikido...not something that is transmitted. To me, something that would be transmitted would be knowledge of some kind that effectively would lead or enable Harmony and Peace. What knowledge is being transmitted through the methodology of Aikido? knowledge on the mental, physical, and spiritual does the methodology of aikido accomplish this?

Core principles I take it would mean the more important ones or the 'central ones' if you like. Well O'Sensei was on about these continuously so just 'saying' what they are may not lead very far. However we have the principle of universal love, the principle of non resistance, the principle of center, the principle of Ki flow, the principle of blending. Many principles to be understood as such. So the first thing to do is recognize which are principles and which are not.
Universal love is a concept or an endstate...not a principle. Again, what are the "things" we do in aikido that enable this endstate?

Principle of Center: not sure what this is. We sure talk about it alot in Aikido, but heck if I really know what it means. I think it is good to be balanced, have your balance, and for your uke to not have it. having balance or center would be based on your structure as it relates to gravity.

Non-resistance: I think this is a concept too. It connotes a particular constraint or ethic

Principle of Blending: Again, how is this a might at best be a technique, tactic, or method to make some particular action happen. What is blending though and what is it's significance and application?

Principle of Ki Flow: A concept. Alot of people have this concept in their mind about KI flow and what it is and isn't. What is Ki...and how does it flow? if it flows, where does it come must have a position or origin in order to measure flow. I suppose it comes from your "center", if so, what physical structure is this center that allows for this very real thing to flow from?

Ki is energy and thus even it follows the principles of energy also. So to study the ways of Ki you would also start by just locating and following the principles of energy the same as you would if you are talking about force or effort or whatever other label you have for the energy coming at you.
Okay Ki is energy what are the properties of this energy? is it heat, light, electricity? how is it different than force? how does it manifest itself physically?

That is all the time I have for questions now. I think it is probably enough to focus on answering anyway.

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