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Bruce Baker
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judging and being judged by other

I have seen some pretty smug attitudes from people who do other arts, and have yet to go through the colored belts, and for my money they should scrap the whole thing, but it has not only become a firm money maker but a measurement for level of achievment.

Personally, I think it is very obtuse and petty to judge anyones ability on or off the mat, unless you have a narrow mind?

I understand how we think the recognition our peers, our accomplishments in our lives will mark the significance of our being alive, and our level of acomplishments, but who cares?

A hundred years from now, who really will care if we were slightly better than this person, or not as good as that person? You put too much weight in the justification of marks of training, when indeed, the training is the thing that gives you the insight of skill, forsight of thought, and humility of character that will mark your importance to others.

Stop worrying about what sensei says, or if he/she recognizes a colored belt that seems to be hollow in your judgement. You should worry about why you are judgeing others to be inferior, and look to your own house of morality.

Let the money scheme of colored belts take care of itself, your training, your understanding of practice, and your ability to grow in application of Aikido along with your polishing the spirit is in jeopardy with this type of judgemental thinking ... let it go.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't continue to practice at the highest level of your skill, but try not to use anger, or injure the new guy, huh? It will all come out in the wash ... with time.
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