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Re: "stance of heaven (and earth)" and IS

Jason Casteel wrote: View Post
or the whole "absolute non-resistance" thing. Some might take that to mean we get out of the way, we don't impede uke, but since starting on this type of training I've seen how I can remain stationary, not move out of the way or get off the line and let you collide with me, yet still maintain "absolute non-resistance" with the forces you are sending at me. Even better when they find themselves in ikkyo and I still haven't moved my body... I'm standing on that damned floating bridge... and I don't plan on getting off it any time soon.
Yep, I would agree, just as in the push/pull example given earlier, though one will figure out that you can not resist, but be moved and its ok because you won't loose your balance, or it may result in aite bouncing off you as you as you mentioned above.

Actually, Jason, it would be a good thread to put a whole bunch of these phrases up for analysis.
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