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Re: "stance of heaven (and earth)" and IS

Ken McGrew wrote: View Post
There are a group of people who are superior martial artists because they know the secret of Aiki in Aikido. They know that they know the secret because they know that they do.
I would say that most of them know because they have been there are done that. Just about all of them have had a wide range of experiences with a common thread - something changed for them after experiencing this stuff in person.

I've trained with Saotome, I've trained with just about every big name in Japan, in all of the major styles and even had some exposure to most of the branches of Daito-ryu. Other people have similar stories - they "know" because they've seen the elephant and know what's out there.

Ken McGrew wrote: View Post
We can't discuss what various teachers themselves said, or what O Sensei said, only what people in the IS camp say they said... even when we have them on film.
Sure you can discuss it, what I'm saying is that you don't have all the information, so trying to cite incomplete information as absolute authority without considering the alternative is just...mistaken.

Ken McGrew wrote: View Post
Jun, can we have a non-IS section on Aikiweb?
Jun, of course, is free to do as he sees fit - but I think it would be a shame, Aikido without IS is, IMO, no longer Aikido.



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