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Re: "stance of heaven (and earth)" and IS

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I don't speak for Saotome Sensei (please refer to him properly).
We are not Japanese, nor living in Japan. It is quite acceptable to not call someone else's teacher....teacher. If you like, I will call him Mr. Saotome. But even just the family name is still acceptable from an outsider not his direct student. In the broader view, there is no insult.

These posts are petty. I provided the definition given by Takeda Sensei to avoid playing the petty game.
Actually what you avoided was a direct question asked since you repeatedly claimed to speak for you teacher and to know his definitions. What does Takeda have to do with anything?

What you have demonstrated is an ever changing, morphing opinion, that for the most part, was heavily laced with attacking people and their motives. Try and do better.
You have not defined heaven/earth/man, or anything else we do. To date, I don't recognize anything you have written that defines what we do. As many have told you-you have been pretty consistently...wrong. Now, it appears, (on the surface) that instead you are trying to work your way around it, saying there is more to aikido than it.

Pretty tough going as argument.
You don't know what it is.
So how do you define what is more or less than it?
Than what?
Strange reasoning to be sure. Sounds an awful lot like Stevens translating Six direction training as stand in hanmi to me and looking you dead in the eye and saying So what? I didn't know what it meant!
I guess that's okay until you meet budo-ka with a better education.

It is rare to hear ignorance of a known body of work; outlined, taught and written about for generations....defended so strongly. I think once people realize that 2+2 =4 their POV doesn't really matter now does it?

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