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Re: "stance of heaven (and earth)" and IS

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I'm not so sure if I would want to pull if pushed and push if pulled ala judo. As I mentioned in another thread that works fine on non IS people, but if you try it with someone who is working on IS and understands how to use it, it fails.
The examples cited only further serve to prove the divorce from Ueshiba's aiki. Ueshiba was known for being able to cancel out that very thing. A reasonable person would ask; Why is it that in so many of the testimonies of his skill, they kept defaulting to discussions of his power.
Not his blending
Not his tenkan
Not even his movement

In an era and culture, which often times produced seasoned men that tested him...they continued to emphasize the very thing these modern adepts are shunning. Ueshiba's power was what impressed them. His own living examples are arguing in our favor for what the founder was in fact focusing on.

Then as now....the debaters do not last one moment in person. This venue is really all they have to cover what turns out to be an inability to effectively move or stop those who are advocating the Ueshiba method. Hence men like Shirata and Mochizuki looking at the post-war efforts and saying. "What you people are doing is not real aikido."
Then as now, people will balk, but they cannot pull it off any credible defense in person. Ueshiba knew what he was doing.

I have not seen read or felt anyone in aikido -arguing from the post war argument side- being able to both aptly describe, demonstrate and discuss the well known concepts of Heaven/earth/man or In yo ho. Examples being; John Stevens inability to translate the concepts that he admitted he had never heard of before, Graham not even knowing In yo ho was Yin yang, and McGrew calling it yo ho repeatedly...and arguing against concepts that were well known and Ueshiba made a lengthy study of them.
No other words need be spoken other than Ueshiba himself, when asked why no one could what he did, said. Simple. You do not understand In yo.
Nothing has changed.
Yo ho indeed.......
No harm no foul, But not knowing what the founder was talking about nor why he constantly brought it up and then demonstrated it...sort of removes these people from the discussion of what he was talking about by default.

I disagree with those who say that IP/aiki is only a part of Aikido. Without it...there is no, only jujutsu.
And that ladies and gentlemen is why you continue to fail when you meet those of us who are discussing, defining, and performing Ueshiba's Aiki.
He didn't invent it, nor did we...he caught on to the foundation of the Asian arts and discussed it continually. It should not be something that devides us, but rather unites us.
I think that is what he was hoping for. Without it; Aikido is not high level, it's just jujutsu, and not even very good jujutsu at that.
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