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Learn principles and you will lose your doubt maybe?

As I said, I don't need kanji. I could tell english people to go study the principles of something and then come back to me and show me. I reckon 80% would come back with data, explanations, weird demonstrations, intellectual commentaries but no principles.

You should learn when to stop before you lose all your credibility. As Chuck advised, you should do some research into the subject matter. You have no idea what Shu Ha Ri is and what it entails for a student and for a teacher. The Japanese concept of Shu Ha Ri is more significant to the teacher than it is to the student because the teacher himself is also a student of the path or Way. The role of the teacher is to protect and preserve the Way (the forms/techniques) even though as student he/she has gone beyond the forms or techniques.

Shu Ha Ri is NOT an English concept. With what authority can you tell the English people to go study the principles of something and then go back to you and show you. What make you so cock sure that 80% would come back to you without principles. So, you are saying that 80% of the aikido practitioners are screwed and 20% might have a chance of understanding Aiki. God save aikido in the UK.
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