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Jørgen Jakob Friis (JJF) wrote:
Hi Edward!

You got me cornered here since I'm not really sure what the difference is between 'destroying' and 'trashing'. Anyway both words implies in my ears a lack of care for your training partner, which I believe to be at least a part of what I call 'Aiki attitude'. And no! I am not one of these 'aikido is a dance' or 'embrace the world through love' type of aikidoka but I do believe it to be essential that one treats ones trainingpartners with respect and care for them - even if they are total pinheads

Mind you this is my conception of what would be ideal - not the way I practice. I still have a long way to go before I can say my attitude is 'aiki'
Well, actually this kind of treatment is reserved to those who get their ranks by lobbying the instructor (a Thai lady) responsible for accepting and rejecting grading applications. Lobbying includes wining and dining, a** kissing, occasional financial contributions, and total submission and servility to her needs and demands.

Rest assured, I do trash them with (undeserved) respect and care, and I have never injured anyone in aikido so far. They just might feel a little dizzy and confused after practicing a few techniques with me.

(Actually they refuse to practice with me for a while now )
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