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Re: Shuhari

The principle of the circle in Aikido. It's not a fact or something that applies to one technique because blah, blah, blah. No, it's a principle. An operating law. That's one example of a principle of Aikido. Nothing to do with the persons weight or size or build
I am not following you. what is the principle of the circle?

What are the core principles of Aikido?

Amount of water in a body is not a principle. Your misunderstanding is on the word principle itself the way I am using it. Operating principle, the underlying law (or laws) that the rest must follow.

So I recommend less books. Less data. DNA? That's more a program.
Yes, I understand water is not a principle, it is an element...that was my point. It is the form and structure...the DNA at the base level that gives it meaning and defintion.

In order for something like aikido to have meaning, there has to be "something" that is transmitted. I think we would agree on that.

What is being transmitted? Principles is what you are saying are transmitted. I say no.

Principles are there regardless of what we do or don't do. We are all subject to the laws the impose on us (Gravity). So no, you don't transmit identify what is affecting you and you learn how to manage yourself because of them.

So, again...what is it that we are doing to explore the "principles" and their effects?

How are we TRANSMITTING that knowledge (methodology)?

and WHAT exactly is being transmitted? and WHAT does it affect (Spiritually, Mentally, or Physically)?

So when we look at the phyical practice of Aikido...what is it that we are transmiting that gives definition or meaning to the physical body?

Mike Sigman would ask very direct questions about this kinda stuff. Lets not beat around the bush...lets discuss intelligently and specifically what these things are.

Since your thread was about Shuhari...then we are talking pretty much about METHODOLOGY. Specifically Aikido methodology.

In that line, how does the methodology work and what exactly does it transmit? what does it affect?

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