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Re: "Irimi" by Ellis Amdur

Janet Rosen wrote: View Post
Adding: I do not see my tenkan as evasion or avoidance.
Adding further: I am not devaluing your post or reply - I think this is a really interesting conversation!
For most people, tenkan = avoidance.

For me, I like to approach in irimi no matter what, and then go thru them with irimi mind. And tenkan is for when I can't go thru or when I feel uke has too much power (in a real situation, you might find him going thru you - so not smart to train this way too much). But it should be the tiniest tenkan (not a ridiculously large sweep) and then back into irimi ASAP. If you have good control, you could choose to do a bigger tenkan - but it is the irimi-ness of the encounter that makes the control possible.

That is the way I train. I have no interest in the standard 'syllabus' anymore. I think it is full of 'errors' and once you think that there's no going back.

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