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Re: The Founder's Teaching Ability

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Now, in pre-war, the outline of how things work, are taught, what is focused on, etc was set by Ueshiba (which at that time was Daito ryu). His senior students taught what he wanted when he was gone. In Tokyo, the senior students taught ... what Kisshomaru wanted (or Tohei for a time). Big difference.
Do you really think Kisshomaru would have oriented the curriculum in a direction *not* approved by his father? While his father was alive?

The degree to which M. Ueshiba oversaw the details of the curriculum is debatable. The degree to which the curriculum designed by K. Ueshiba actually reflected his father's teaching is debatable. But the idea that K. Ueshiba just went off and did his own thing without worrying about what his father thought seems ... unlikely at best.

Or did these visits to Tokyo at which M. Ueshiba said "no one is doing my aikido" also lead to world-shaking arguments between father and son, the existence and content of which has somehow (I can't imagine how) failed to survive to the present day?

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