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Re: The Founder's Teaching Ability

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I was thinking it was interesting how Takuma Hisa described Takeda going through a similar process of enlightenment. Osensei just happened to go to the heart of Omoto-kyo for his spiritual training. Was the change something as mundane as retirement and delegation of part 1 while he got on with the more lecture-orientated teaching of part two?

Takeda enlightenment? I don't think so, not in the terms of Ueshiba's anyway. The one thing he loved teaching or lecturing about was the spiritual underpinning of Aikido.

Now waiting for others to get more spiritual and understand the significance and indeed relevance to that base of Aikido by the look of things is quite a long wait.

Internal? Hah. Spiritually speaking anything bodily, whether inside the body or on the outside is all external. The only true internal is spiritual self and has nothing to do with a physical perspective.

Thus people are trapped in a physical only view trying to follow spiritual principles.

Still hypnotized by feats of strength, physically not needing to move, tales of superman. Ha,ha.

A man who talks spiritually and gives spiritual statements can only rely on extreme patience and thus can get frustrated.

Researched from this point of view all is revealed. Only then can you see what he means by how he used to use strength and want to be strong and contest. Only then can you see how Takeda opened his eyes to there is something more for that is one thing his 'aiki' does and that is show there are things you didn't understand. But alas, still pinned to physical.

Only when he realized and let go of all that physical and bodily internal stuff was he able to develop Aikido and explain it's all to do with those spiritual aspects he talked then about. Universal rather than internal and a rehabillitation of true self in harmony with the universe.

A hard thing to get across to people who can only translate physically and who even when they feel it from him can only translate it as physical strength and arms like steel.

So Aikido is 100% spiritual and harmonious and in so being unifies body and mind and has no enemies.

This is the message I believe Ueshiba was giving as to be practiced and understood through the form
of Aikido,

Thus, the words he spoke are still teaching today. They are the true reference points even now.

Only the not so spiritual feel the need to change them or alter them to fit in my opinion.

Truth cannot be changed, only denied, for it is always there, it is indeed universal and thus neither internal nor external. Facts on the other hand are physical and boy do people like them.

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