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Re: Principles of pinning

Kevin, Michael - I happen to be a BJJ Purple Belt and feel like I'm shit. A BJJ Brown belt seems impossible to me so well done. If you guys are ever in New Zealand come and train.

The issue of control that was raised is of course very valid, control is key, then from there you can do what you wish.

I think that some of the people who are NOT experienced in grappling missunderstand "control" from the BJJ perspective, it isn't about squashing your partner and then "muntering" them with some technique until they finally tap out (though you can do that of course) it is about being that much better than them that no matter what they do you are one step ahead, or able to counter anything they do. And of course this can be achieved from underneath as well - though it requires a somewhat different skill set.

In BJJ you can pin someone - but it tends not to be with a "arm hold" like Ikiyo, or the like, but more by body position.

I also think someones earlier comment about the problem with submissions being that you have to invest too much into them is a little incorrect (I think he cited MMA fights). If the adrenalin is pumping it is quite common to go for a submission, even though the outside observer knows that it isn't on, as you get a bit of tunnel vision. That's what happens. In less traumatic times a submission attempt flows from one to the next, myself and other BJJ practitioners would be quite willing to show how one thing leds to another, there can be a flow in grappling (not dissimilar to Aikido), grappling is like a game of chess - the art of submissions is in fact like the 10,000 or so final check mate moves, it is an intricate art in itself.
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