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Re: The Founder's Teaching Ability

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I was thinking it was interesting how Takuma Hisa described Takeda going through a similar process of enlightenment.
Did Takeda changed his teaching method because said enlightenment?

Osensei just happened to go to the heart of Omoto-kyo for his spiritual training.
And shorty after started to teach martial arts until his retirement to Iwama in 1942. I don't see how his beliefs in Oomoto doctrine could have affected his teaching method

Was the change something as mundane as retirement and delegation of part 1 while he got on with the more lecture-orientated teaching of part two?
IMO, at some point after WW2 he switched from martial arts instructor to shaman with martial skills. If this had something to do with Oomoto, a lot of years have passed since he joined the cult.

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