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Re: Principles of pinning


Effie (Asher Willner) is a great guy. I didn't even knew they existed until June of this year. Long story, but I trained there this summer for a few weeks and if I were still in the area...these are the guys I would hook up with. Wonderful attitude and spirit. Awesome environment. I am going there next week probably when I am in town.

As far as IS stuff. Hunter Lonsberry is a good guy for you to hook up with. I think Dan Harden will be in Baltimore soon...I'd try and get with him by all means as that will get you hooked into the NOVA IS community. As you know from following the threads though, IS training is more than going to a few seminars. However, I would definitely go to one so you can experience what the guys are talking least then you get to understand what all the fuss is about and put you in a better, more informed position to decide how it should be worked into your own training regime. ( I need to do more than I am doing).

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