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Re: "Irimi" by Ellis Amdur

Thanks Chuck. Means a lot coming from you. Yes, as you know training this way requires some build up. I had a group of guys last year in Afghanistan that wanted to train under stress. I spent about a month helping them develop the basic skills necessary to provide them the basic structure necessary to make the stress training meaningful and safe. This 46 second video demonstrates the culmination of this process working on some basic "ground and pound" MMA skills.

Keep in mind these guys had no formal training and no skill prior to training with me and this represents about 25 hours of training. The things I was looking for is the guy on his back is able to manage the fight from his back from the guard, create distance, and minimize the damage. It is only at the end of the video that the guy on his back is able to sweep and reverse the situation and begin to achieve dominance.

Sorry this is not really related to the post about irimi, but I think it speaks to methodology in general and is relevant to what Chuck mentions as an example of what I believe is "decent" stress training that actually leads to a constructive learning process.

And can't do this every day it is the culmination of a training cycle, and is done for very specific reasons that are really beyond the focuses of most dojos.

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