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Re: Training in Aikido to Create World Peace

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I have placed this topic in the training section intentionally.

O Sensei came to believe that training in Aikido could help to bring about world peace. He asked that those of us training in Aikido spread the art for this reason.

Because of the controversy around translating O Sensei's writing, I provide two sources in which the translations are less likely to be incorrect:
Shihan McGrew,

Ken McGrew wrote: View Post
My definition of Aiki is Saotome Sensei's definition of Aiki.
You have also stated that your aikido comes direct from Saotome sensei to O Sensei. In those regards, you must be very close to Saotome sensei that you can post on a public forum how Saotome sensei and O Sensei define aiki and aikido. It would be illuminating to actually understand how Saotome sensei defines aiki as passed down from O Sensei. Could you please define if for us?

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