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Re: "stance of heaven (and earth)" and IS

Ken McGrew wrote: View Post
That's because Aikido is a very large thing. It's not reducible to this in yo ho body conditioned internal strength. I know you think may think it is. But it's not.
Shihan McGrew,

In reference to the Ueshiba's Aiki thread (closed), you stated the below quotes and called it "yo ho". I believe you were later corrected and the actual phrase was "in yo ho". With that in mind, please detail out the concept of "in yo ho". This way, readers will understand how you:

1. Never got the phrase right in the first place
2. Can categorically dismiss it out of hand so easily
3. Understand it so fundamentally well that you know aikido is "not reducible to this in yo ho body conditioned internal strength".

While you are at it, you also stated "My definition of Aiki is Saotome Sensei's definition of Aiki", so please detail out Saotome sensei's definition of aiki so that we can understand it better.


Ken McGrew wrote:
When applied to application it needs to be incorporated, that is internal unbalancing, into the things that make up waza. I would argue that the things that are called tricks are essential, that you can't escape them. I would disagree with the idea of yo ho that is described in that I think Ki is part of this.
Ken McGrew wrote:
The fact that you feel that you found some evidence for your interpretation does not prove that O Sensei had not expanded on the art in ways that were important and not the result of yo ho. Yo ho may be the secret for the grounding demonstrations that O Sensei did. That doesn't mean that they are the secret for everything else he did.
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