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Re: Saotome Sensei's Training History

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post
PLEASE, PLEASE POST IT! If nothing else, it will help highlight the double standards that are applied in regards to conduct on this forum by certain people.

Marc Abrams
Nope. As I said it is pointless.
I have had eleven threads started using my name to go after me personally. Not what I said, not what I
I have been threatened to be sued, along with anyone in Aikido who hosted me, called a con man and a snake oil salesman, Called a fraud and a liar when I was thee only one actually telling the truth...had threads started about how much I make, being hounded and chased through thread after thread by a few people....on and on.

I have no say here. I just try to get people to present something, anything to support their statements other than "Because my teachers told me so." in all of the discussions here.
With this thread? Saotome is one of the good guys!! So one of his own making such a mess in a misguided attempt to defend a guy who needs none is particularly embarrasing and sad.

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