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Re: Terry Dobson's Training History

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post
It is beyond comical when you hear people who genuinely know nothing of what training at the Hombu dojo was like, wax on about the peaceful air of Aikido under the guidance of O'Sensei. Ellis' historical recounting is consistent with all of the other people who trained there. The totality of that history paints an entirely different picture than the one that delusional crowds likes to believe and goes a long way in helping people to understand how their teacher evolved into the people that they are today.

Marc Abrams
From an interview in Japanese with Yasuo Kobayashi:

When being thrown by O-Sensei power would be added to the center of your body. When we were thrown in normal practice it would feel like a ball bouncing, but only with O-Sensei it would feel as if we were being crushed when being thrown. That was extremely mysterious.


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