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Keith Larman
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Re: Terry Dobson's Training History

I think it also makes another point that many would do well to consider. History is almost always a mess of memories, victor-bias (the winner writes the history), random chance (some end up "important" simply because of who they were around), etc. So in the end I thank the guys Stan Pranin for taking the time to record as much as he could going back to original sources (and by that I mean not just interviews, but finding substantiation (and otherwise) for things he learned. Training logs, etc.). What this leaves a fella like me is to consider the variety of people I know and have learned from and then I get my flabby butt out and train with as many people from within and from without as I can, feeling, learning, listening, trying to empty that sometimes resiliently full cup of mine. Less chat, more mat as they say, because on the mat it's kinda hard to argue with someone you simply can't move. Or someone who can reach in to your center and move you but none of the tricks up your own sleeve can seem to find their center.

So I go to seminars. I go learn. I find all sorts of value in a variety of people. Some, not so much. Others, quite a bit.

And I end up subscribing to Stan's site to try to expand my background and more subtle, nuanced understanding. But in the end... It's to the mat again.

There is a real history. Then there are all the ways it was perceived. Then there was how it was explained in private. And then there was how it was explained in public. Over time hopefully an open minded somewhat objective person will get some clue as to what was really going on.

And then it's to the mat again... Cause that's where the final questions get answered. Or at least the final questions that matter to me...

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