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Re: Saotome Sensei's Training History

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Thank you. We all have our moments ha, ha.

We have had our moments.....though it seems we are drifting together...........

In any case what we are talking about here is really only our own training history. As noted it should be varied and should be ours only...... in whatever directions it takes. To defend someone else's training history to me can be an effort to defend one's own training history.....get out and see what else is out there...add what is useful and disregard what is not. and remember a tree grows in Brooklyn.....

And Saotome Sensei's capabilities is what matters in the end I don't think there is any questions here. .......darn...the questions I could have ask him and what I might have figured out for myself in 1980 if I only had the understanding and breath of experience I have now.......missed opportunities I am trying to correct now from whatever source I can get it from........

keep after it.....