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Re: "stance of heaven (and earth)" and IS


I believe there was another video that looked explicitly more like Ark Sensei's take on Aikido with more traditional throws. I don't see it here and am not inclined to dig it up.

When you look at the three videos posted in the link you provide you can see were what he does involves throws and when it does not. In video 2 0:11-0:14 Uke's movement stops and then he has to do quite a bit to get Uke down. 0:21-0:24 he shows nice blending as the kick goes by. Just pointing this out the centrality of blending. 1:20-1:24 again has to resort to tripping Uke. In video 3 0:12-0:13.

It's hard for me to believe you don't know what I mean by open and free movement. Look at Ark Sensei throw and then look at O Sensei.

Now I think Ark Sensei looks great. But his talents don't translate well for the more Aikido like techniques. That's because Aikido is a very large thing. It's not reducible to this in yo ho body conditioned internal strength. I know you think may think it is. But it's not. Just as Ledyard Sensei has stated.

I don't want to name all the teachers and Sempi I've had, Hunter, as they are under no obligation to defend my positions. Let's just say that I have been exposed to high level Chinese and Japanese martial artists from a variety of traditions from day one in my Aikido training. I do understand the sort of displays we are looking at here and that have been described. I know exactly what you mean about uprooting a person or causing internal damage to their organs alternatively. I respect them for what they are. I don't necessarily believe the source of these skills is what they are said to be. That doesn't matter in the end. What matters is that Aikido is something more than these particular skills. It can be done with or without these skills. There are certainly situations when they are more applicable than others.

Aikido is about freedom. It is the most free of all martial arts because it is about refusing to engage with the fight. Freedom requires the biggest possible range of possible responses. Aikido is also about a special training process between Uke and Nage.

Hunter Lonsberry wrote: View Post
To be fair, you didnt provide any time codes in post #458 in the Ueshiba's aiki thread. It would be fair to comment on Ark that his power comes from both Japanese sources (mentioned on other threads) and Chinese sources.

I think a few people can tell in some of Ark's videos when he kicks in some regular muscle, and when he has it as "pure" in terms of IS strength.

When one of the several IS people on the seminar circut touch you, they can let that power stay in you, or let it pass through you. The results look dramatically different and feel dramatically different. The person who lets it pass through you, which results in dramatic movement of your body, is being a lot more kind to you.

I'm not quite sure where Ark, or anyone else demonstrating IS stuff takes too long or too much effort to effect their opponent. What exactly do you mean by open and free? Are there specific videos and time stamps so that I can better understand your opinion? I'm not out here trying to vigorously defend Ark or the honor of IS, just want to better understand your viewpoint as it helps me to better frame my responses to people in the future.

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