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Re: "stance of heaven (and earth)" and IS

Ken McGrew wrote: View Post
Exactly Dave. If it won't offend Ledyard Sensei we can use it as an example. Or any video you have in mind would be fine. I looked at the Ark Sensei videos. Great Kung foo but not very good Aikido for reasons I described earlier.
To be fair, you didnt provide any time codes in post #458 in the Ueshiba's aiki thread. It would be fair to comment on Ark that his power comes from both Japanese sources (mentioned on other threads) and Chinese sources.

If we look at the Ukazawa Sensei who Hunter provided the link to, when we get to the level of application, you see the problems I said i worried about. While his karate/kung foo look great, and the exercises are fine, the aikido style throws don't look that good to me. There's a tendency to have to sweep or take a long time or use force because the momentum in Uke's body is gone. There is a place where Karate and Aikido overlap. Saotome Sensei shows that side as well. So he does some of the applications shown on these and other videos of Ukazawa Sensei. But the parts that look more like Aikido just don't look very good to me compared to most "modern Aikido," they take too much effort and too long to execute, his movement is not open or free, and don't look like they would be ideal in group attack situations. The Daito-ryu anniversary footage looked better to my eyes.
I think a few people can tell in some of Ark's videos when he kicks in some regular muscle, and when he has it as "pure" in terms of IS strength.

When one of the several IS people on the seminar circut touch you, they can let that power stay in you, or let it pass through you. The results look dramatically different and feel dramatically different. The person who lets it pass through you, which results in dramatic movement of your body, is being a lot more kind to you.

I'm not quite sure where Ark, or anyone else demonstrating IS stuff takes too long or too much effort to effect their opponent. What exactly do you mean by open and free? Are there specific videos and time stamps so that I can better understand your opinion? I'm not out here trying to vigorously defend Ark or the honor of IS, just want to better understand your viewpoint as it helps me to better frame my responses to people in the future.
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