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Keith Larman
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Re: Terry Dobson's Training History

I'll also add... Sometimes the most insidious and misleading histories are not due to the words of the people involved. But how subsequent students choose to interpret those words.

WRT to Saotome's brief history on their website. I have no argument with anything there. But I've also been to a seminar and paired up with some fella (apparently mid-yudansha ranked in that org) who spent a lot of time telling me how "we" were able to do this real stuff unlike those people who came from Ki Society lineages. And how Saotome had special access for over a decade which meant he got oh-so-much more than anyone else. I just smiled a lot, kept training, and never mentioned that I had only crashed a couple ASU seminars over the years but was actually myself in a Tohei lineage. Of course many in the Tohei lineage claim some degree of direct authenticity due to Tohei being the chief instructor under O-sensei for all those years. You see it's not the underlying history, it is the interpretation of it and the use of those interpretations as justifications for further judgments and evaluations.

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