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Re: Principles of pinning

Szczepan Janczuk wrote: View Post
Hi Kevin,
I like you comments about the dominance and chokes. I'm trying to practice chokes as often as possible even if most of aikidoka hate it. In the context of aikido however, not all chokes can be useful, as we want to preserve the mobility of Nage. So I prefer standing or kneeling chokes, where I can move fast in case of other attackers suddenly appear.

I think many aiki bunnies don't accept word ‘dominance' in aikido context; however from purely technical point of view you are completely right. No pin, choke or submission is possible without dominance on psychological and/or physical level.
I agree with your assessment. All submissions, chokes etc are all specific to a particular set of conditions. As Martial Artist and budoka, we really should explore the full spectrum of things so we have a decent understanding of what we should use and when.

My comments about the level of committal are something that I think is overlooked in many arts especially grappling arts like judo and BJJ. Conversely, I think Aikidoka don't think enough about these things. Weapons and potential other opponents are a sure game changer to the what you are willing to commit to as far as pins, chokes, and submissions.

As far as the comments on dominance....agreed, it is probably not the most PC way of putting it, but IMO we are in an art were I believe calling it what it is is very important. Call it anything else...then we lose perspective on what it is that we are really doing...IMO.

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