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Re: Terry Dobson's Training History

Demetrio Cereijo wrote: View Post
So Janet, if you were to tell me you decided to return to nursery after having been kidnapped by a team of circus ponies who put you in a flying saucer and took you on tour around the Tannhauser Gates I don't have to doubt about the veracity of your story.

If truth is subjective falsehood can not exist..
Of course not.That wasn't my point.
Truth is objective in terms of an action that happened, the dates things happened, etc. I left the dojo on such and such a date. I returned to nursing on such and such a date. In terms of the reasons action occured however, even the first person narrator chooses to frame a certain context by highlighting some things and omitting others or varying the relationship between things - these are not lies or falsehoods - to large degree nonconsciously, in forming memories over time, each of us does this and ends up "codifying" a specific story of our life. But depending on audience, the story may change in terms of what is highlighted or left out. And all the stories are still true.

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