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Re: Terry Dobson's Training History

Janet Rosen wrote: View Post
If you ask me about my leaving the first dojo I trained at, or why I decided to return to nursing after taking a hiatus, how I came to my political beliefs, or any number of things about my life, it is easy for me to frame my reply in very different terms. Not a single one will have a falsehood, each will essentially be the truth about it. Yet by focusing on a different aspect of the contributing factors, I can relate a cogent narrative that iis completely different from the one I relate tomorrow. So different people who chat with me or interview me may end up walking away with a very different understanding of my history.
So Janet, if you were to tell me you decided to return to nursery after having been kidnapped by a team of circus ponies who put you in a flying saucer and took you on tour around the Tannhauser Gates I don't have to doubt about the veracity of your story.

If truth is subjective falsehood can not exist.


I wasn't being sarcastic.

However, I'd like to point that following your "Subjective truth is where one places one's mind", Dobson can be regarded both as Ueshiba uchi deshi and not as one at the same time, depending on the various "subjective truths" around. Both positions (Kisshomaru saying there was not uchi deshi and Dobson Saying he was one) are true.
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