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Re: Terry Dobson's Training History

Ellis, well put, and one of those that comes "right from the gut" rather than "a writer's head"... Your memories of your teacher and the "current visits" are powerful. Unless someone has had a relationship that close with a teacher these fresh lessons don't seem possible to others. I still get those lessons from two of my teachers. One of them is still alive and I often call him and relate the lesson and he says, "Well, obviously you're still listening to what I have to offer." Or something to that effect... On at least two occasions he's said, "Oh good, you've pulled your head outta your ass!" I miss both of them every day. He has said that he now views me as a colleague... and I still view him as my sensei.

And... additionally, thinking about how long I was with either of these two is almost impossible to think or count in days, weeks, or months. Another thought, I learned more from Miyake Tsunako Sensei in a double handful of encounters that might seem like a trivial amount to some, but was huge for me. She is not one of the two mentioned above.

Thanks for your input.


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