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Re: Principles of pinning

Szczepan Janczuk wrote: View Post
I'm not sure if you are right. But let assume you are right for a second. Only experienced fighter will recognize the capacity of Nage in such situation. 99.99% the rest of attackers will fight back continuously blinded by rage. So what, you will incapacitate them without mercy? This is a kind of message you will send to the world after 30 years of aikido practice?
You can lead a horse to water... In truth, your partner chooses his path and all we can do is illustrate the consequences. I have told people to leave aikido and pursue sport fighting for almost this exact reason. If you partner truly cannot become educated to the danger of combat, then they represent a danger to themselves and others. As you become better at communicating the fight is over you seek to marginalize the ignorant responses, but they will always be there.
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