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Re: The Founder's Teaching Ability

Woahhh, here we go again. Who says that a person who is passionately on a path cannot or would not or even would explain why he didn't teach properly or more? Wow,what an assumption.

On inspection I think you will find quite the opposite in fact. Every person who was passionate about their field of study that I have met are only too willing to share their views and very enthusiastically at that.

In fact their only frustrations come from those who 'twist' what they are saying or do other than what they are instructing them to do.

So rather than O'Sensei being a not so good teacher it's more that he was a passionate teacher and thus a frustrated one.

Let's take another's methods, Tohei. Rules of mind and body coordination and rules of Aikido practice.

There you are, a set of principles to practice. Every time you get stuck then just refer back to those principles. This takes honesty and discipline. It says look no further than these principles and you will find what you are looking for.

That's a different super disciplined way of study. Expected by the teacher. So simple that it's hard. Teacher gives principles, you practice them, you keep practicing them.

One point. How many have practiced that principle and to what degree? Some say they did it for x number of years. Really? If they did actually discipline themselves to honestly notice when they didn't have one point and how to keep it then half the statements I hear about Ki Aikido wouldn't be made.

This is the traditional martial way of study. No quick fixes, no new models, no phd's or big words. No yeah but he said or fancy advanced techniques.

The point is that when a person understands the principles of something then to them it becomes simple. They want to pass on this simplicity but find everyone getting all complicated and complex about it. When they say a simplicity it is real to them so they may say it's the practice of loving protection or some such. Then they watch everyone using force, violence, technical tricks and wonder what the hell they are doing. They may say it's masakatsu and agatsu, self developement, and stand back and watch everyone trying to beat the opponent or become some martial untouchable body.

They may say there is absolutely no violence in Aikido only to watch everyone justify yeah but.

Such is the way of the master and such are his frustrations dealing with willing yet far less aware others.

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