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Re: Saotome Sensei's Training History

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Well, I see your point, but on an issue of historical record there isn't really an issues of sides, is there? If someone says 1982 and the public record says 1994 then they're the one that ought to be embarrassed, not the person pointing it out in a nice way. For me, if they can't deal with that then that's their problem. If someone feels that their relationship with their teacher can't handle that then they'd be better off not speaking up and taking "sides".
Except, as these threads demonstrate, it's never just about dates. It's more along the lines of "such and such a teacher had X amount of exposure to O Sensei, which has these implications for what he might have learned." Which very rapidly degenerates into arguments about what "real aikido" entails and who is or isn't doing it. I don't think that's at all helpful.

As much as I'm on record as disagreeing with Mr McGrew, I think his underlying motives are completely understandable, and even laudable: he sees an important figure in his life being attacked, and feels compelled to spring to his defense. He clearly thinks there is an issue of "sides," and knows which one he wants to be on. I don't think putting people in that situation is helpful to the larger goal of raising the overall quality of modern aikido.