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Re: O Sensei observation

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There are a group of people who take turns jumping on anyone who questions the claims they make about a variety of related issues including what O Sensei meant by aiki. They silence people by a variety of means. If you happen to belong to ASU they use their relationship with three named instructors to silence you. It's rediculous. I think the ASU teachers should ask them to stop playing that game.

Anyone can read Saotome Sensei's books, study his videos, study the videos from seminars, read the interviews, go to seminars, or speak with a number of his long time and early students. I have done all of these things recently. I have also had many conversations with Sensei about all these issues. But Mark and others as usual ignore the evidence and launch personal.
Shihan McGrew,
It has been seen by not only me, but others, that you are actively speaking for Saotome sensei. So, I say again, being on topic here, that it would be illuminating to actually understand how Saotome sensei defines aiki. Could you please define if for us? How does Saotome sensei define one arm up and one arm down in relation to his aikido?

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