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David Yap
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Re: Aikido taiotoshi?

Chuck Clark wrote: View Post
Oh yeah, and I absolutely don't have any idea of what "I attempted to split hair for a "nage" and a "otoshi" means... If it's an important question of theory, etc. expand the question with more information and I'll try to figure it out and answer. (I like many of your posts, by the way. I haven't posted much for quite awhile... I've been doing this since budo forums began... )
Clark sensei.

Firstly, I was referring to the physical atemi. I agree with you on the spiritual (mental) atemi.

What I meant by splitting hair (sorry if I have used it in the wrong context) was the mechanics for nage (throw) and otoshi (drop) techniques are different. If the difference is insignificant or none at all, then I shouldn't have bother (to "split hair").


David Y
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