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Marc Abrams
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Re: "stance of heaven (and earth)" and IS

Ken McGrew wrote: View Post
Given the things that were said about Saotome Sensei I can't imagine how any of his students would associate with the people who are making them or aligned with those are. I certainly won't.

But nice effort to divert with personal attacks.

Why don't you ask George Ledyard, Josh Drachman, Bill Gleason, Rob Liberti, etc. about why they do what they do. YOU are the one who is making personal attacks at others from the convenience of your keyboard. If you want to question their integrity and loyalty to their teacher, then feel free to sit down with Ikeda Sensei and Saotome Sensei with them and voice your concerns. Once again, get away from your keyboard and do so in person and enjoy the results of your endeavors.

When I had serious questions about who Dan Harden was and what he did, I had the personal integrity to not fall back on some cheap excuse about who I would associate with without even meeting the person in-person; I went out and met him. YOU seem to be the one who needs to get away from your keyboard and get up-close and personal with your comments, concerns, questions, etc. about what you think that you know. If you think that my response is an attack, then you are simply out of your league. I know full well that Jun would ban me permanently for really letting my words fly. Then again, I don't have a problem meeting the people who my words fly at either. You want to talk about integrity in budo then step away from your keyboard and step up to the plate. Maybe you will actually learn something that could benefit you, like the thread topic for example.

Marc Abrams
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