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Ken McGrew
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Re: "stance of heaven (and earth)" and IS

Given the things that were said about Saotome Sensei I can't imagine how any of his students would associate with the people who are making them or aligned with those are. I certainly won't.

But nice effort to divert with personal attacks.

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post

Why don't you humor us? Why don't we let you test Dan yourself? We will video tape it so that you can analyze it later. You talk about other people being disingenuous, yet you are not offering to test out people like George Ledyard, Josh Drachman, Bill Gleason, who are accessible within your own organization. Heck, you question their integrity as men of budo, they should be push-overs for someone like you. Try working you way through any of them and see where that gets you. Then again, you can always go for the full monty and go straight to Dan.

Bottom line: Before you start questioning the integrity and abilities of some people, maybe you should put some hands on, before flapping the gums too much.

Marc Abrams
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