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Re: "stance of heaven (and earth)" and IS

Ken McGrew wrote: View Post
Here's where the other side starts to look disingenuous. These forums are full of these people analyzing videos in great detail, including those of O Sensei, but when it comes to videos of themselves or those they immolate they claim that there's no point as it can't be seen.

Humor us. Post one video of Harden doing his magic. There have been numerous posts and also private emails to me in which people say when you have Harden's gift things like getting off line, blending, Etc. don't matter. I want to see Harden do all the claimed things against multiple knife attacks. But I'll settle for one video of the exercises he teaches. Videos can be analyzed.
It's very hard to see what you're looking for on video unless you already know.
It's no different from anything else. I'm fairly educated, understand basic mechanic and physics, but I have no idea what's what when I open the hood of my car. A couple of days walking through it with a mechanic and I should be fine. In that case a video would probably work, but when you're dealing with physical skills it's difficult to open up the body on video the way you would an engine - therefore, IHTBF.

If we could learn this stuff from video then everybody would be better, right? There's plenty of video of Ueshiba around - there's even plenty of videos put out by Saotome (I'm actually in one of them briefly).

In my experience, those kind of short video clips cause more problems than they solve with the peanut gallery. I imagine that's why many people (not just Dan) refuse to allow video to be publicly distributed. Hiroshi Ikeda does the same thing - he only gives certain video to people who have already done the training with him.

And once again - your description of Dan's "magic" is so far off base it's not even in the same ballpark. If you're genuinely interested then get to a workshop.



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