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Re: aikikai yudansha exam cost

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Dear All,
No matter how you look at it in these harsh economic times the Aikikai fees are extortionate.God knows how any person in a country with low wages pays for a certificate.If the fees for a bit of wallpaper[the cert ] is a good percentage of someones gross yearly income is it not morally wrong for the Aikikai to charge such fees as befits a person in a economically sound country?[Is there any left I may add ???] There is in my mind a case for lowering the cost to such people.I would not take bets on this happening.Aikikai Foundation in my mind is business .It does not exist to be a charitable organisation in my view,Why not boycott the Aikikai here?A printed scroll does not make ones Aikido bettr or worse.Have a night out with thefamily instead with monies saved.Cheers, Joe
Well they must be worth something, they're stamped by a very nice secretary in the hombu office .

The sad part is that there is really little or no benefit to being a member of the Aikikai aside from that paper. Now, I'm not necessarily anti-Aikikai, but they need to figure out a paradigm in which they provide some kind of real benefit. They used to rely on the loyalty of the instructors - but now most instructors have never even been to hombu, and doshu wouldn't recognize them walking down the street.



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