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graham christian
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Re: The Founder's Teaching Ability

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
i don't understand the shuhari either since i don't understand Japanese.

you meant i can't just sneaking up to my sensei with a tanto and jacking him for techniques. as in, "Your techniques or your life!" maybe i have gone at this all wrong, because i have tried technique jacking various teachers with bokken, jo and even empty hand. so far they kept saying "your life". i don't understand it. don't they know that i am technique jacking them? why can't they just hand it over to make it easy for everyone?

a bit off topic. if you jack someone named rob, would that be jacking rob, i.e. double jack, i.e. black jack?
Well you could try rocking, then you would have rocking robbing, you could try a hood as disguise then you would have robin hood, but please, in this pc world don't pick on jack that could be called jackism and thus you're a jackist.

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