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Re: "stance of heaven (and earth)" and IS

Ken McGrew wrote: View Post
So you are saying that Gleason Sensei is demonstrating the secret of in yo ho that Dan teaches?

If so then we can just look at his videos and cut out the middle man. Do all his videos represent this secret or just some?
It's very hard to see what you're looking for on video unless you already know. Here's an interesting passage from Yukiyoshi Sagawa (who was actually in the room when Ueshiba was introduced to Takeda):

「私の合気はそとからいくらみても分からない。内部の動きで相手の力を抜いてしまい、形にはあらわれないからね、今では体中のどこをもたれても敵の力を抜いてしまう。もと は簡単な原理から出発しているのでが誰も気づかない。それに気づいたかどうかは合気あげをみればわかる。

"However closely you watch my Aiki from the outside you will not understand. That's because I remove the power from my opponent through internal movements that do not show in the outer form. Now I am able to remove the enemy's power no matter where on my body I am grabbed. The source of this begins from a simple principle, but nobody understands. You can see whether somebody understands by watching their Aiki-age.


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